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Education in crime prevention and social inclusion of youth

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In June, 2012  Center for Public Policy has successfully completed the implementation of project “Introduction of social intervention programmes to nursery schools”, in Vysočina and Olomouc regions. Both projects were financed from the European Social Fund within the framework of Operational Program Education for Competitiveness.

The main goal of the project was to support the social and emotional development of pre-school children at risk, as well as their social  integration. The project  aimed at preparation of innovative methodology including guidelines for the implementation of various activities for pre-school children. These activities  also involved parents in the pre-school education process. More information on the project activities and outputs could be found on www.prevence.cpvp.cz.


In January 2009 the Center for Public Policy in cooperation with the Institute of criminology and social prevention was implementing the project "Education in the area of best praxis in crime prevention and social inclusion of children and youth" in the Central Bohemia and Plzen Region under the EU operational program Education for competitiveness. The project focused on training of teachers of primary and secondary schools working with youth at risk of delinquency.


The training was in the form of two-day course, divided into two parts - practical and theoretical. The main topis of training focused on school-based crime prevention programs for vulnerable children and youth, reintegration programs, cooperation with the family, schools, social workers and police.


The main aim of training was to provide the opportunity for professionals dealing with the risk group children to share the best practice of social crime prevention, program planning, implementation and evaluation. The training courses organized within the framework of the project provided the participants with an exceptional opportunity to learn from the local and foreign experts, to discuss the key issues related to the methods and strategies of social intervention and exchange experiences with colleagues dealing with the different aspects of the problem of risk group children.


The outcomes of training course are posted on the internet site of the project ensuring the continuity of he project activities.


The training course: Transfer of Best Praxis in Crime Prevention was accredited by the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport in accordance with the Czech law 563/200S4 b.




The project "Training of Social Services Providers in the Area of Crime Prevention and Social Inclusion of Youth" implemented siince 2006 in Prague and other seven regions of the Czech R. was succesfully completed.


The course "Training of Social Services Providers in the Area of Crime Prevention and Social Inclusion of Youth in the Czech Republic" was awarded accreditation by the Czech Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs

Accreditation Nr. 2008-222-SP




Our cooperating foreign experts:

Nacro, UK


Nacro's current work includes:
• Supporting bail projects across England and Wales to ensure that young people can be safely remanded in the community instead of in prison wherever possible
• Researching the use of custodial sentences across the country to identify geographical variations in order to promote consistent good practice
• Producing briefing packs for magistrates about youth offending teams
• Providing support and consultancy services to drugs, alcohol and cognitive behaviour schemes across the country
• Working in partnership with youth offending teams across Inner London to promote good practice, develop policy and ensure consistency


For over twenty years, Nacro has been running projects aimed at providing disengaged young people with the opportunity to learn new skills.


Jugendhilfe Göttingen e.V., Germany


Organisation is working with young delinquents inside and outside juvenile prison. They are also engaged in the work with truancy, one of their ongoing project is social work around hot spots on public spaces. Organisation takes part in the ongoing EU sponsored project “Innovative strategies to avoid re-offending” with partners coming from France, Italy, Spain, Romania, Czech Republic and Germany.




Remet, Hungary


The organization deals with the role of police in crime prevention for children and adolescents. It also publishes manuals for teachers working with children at risk of social exclusion.


Remet intends to bring crime prevention interests of the whole society as well as that of specific communities to success, and has a democratic system of self-government. Its aims, including crime prevention, law and order and public safety.

REMET´s current work includes:

• carrying on scientific research and surveys into crime to reveal causes, providing recommendations and specific publications, organising and holding professional trainings and prevention programs;

• supporting police and local government crime prevention activities, providing counselling in setting up priorities;

• finding out about trend, gathering international experience and best practice examples, carrying on co-operation with similar organisations inland and abroad;

• providing assistance to and support for law enforcement and local government authorities as well as NGOs with the same, i.e. crime prevention, profile in setting up national and international projects or tenders for competition;

• regularly informing other professional organisations and the whole society about its achievements.


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