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Education in crime prevention and social inclusion of youth

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Since January 2012, the Center for Public Policy implements the project focused on the Transfer of the Best Praxis in Work with Young People not in Education, Employment or Training (NEET), CZ.1.04/5.1.01/77.00361, is funded by the European Social Fund within the framework of Operational Program Human Resources and Employment and Czech State Budget.

Project Partners: NACRO, UK and Youth Association, UK


The main aim of transnational cooperation on this project is the exchange of experience and best practices (program, projects and activities) of work with NEET (not in employment, education or training) youth.


According to up-to date data, unfinished education or training remains a major challenge in the EU. The dropping out of school or training has long-term negative effects on social development and economic growth. Innovation and growth rely on a skilled labor force. According to the published research results reducing the average European rate of early school leaving by just 1 percentage point would provide the European economy each year with nearly half a million additional qualified potential young employees.


The project will provide a platform for the transfer of knowledge and best practice in tackling the problems of NEET youth and will enable the identification of policy tools, which could reduce the problem.


The common objectives of transnational partners include the exchange of best practice of work with the NEET youth. The partners will be actively involved in key activities of the project including the initial meeting (presentation of programs and activities for NEET youth in partner organizations), short-term training for the project target group (representatives of Czech NGOs, Social Agencies and regional departments of social care) in partner organizations, contribution to the project publication and participation in a final conference.




Supporting Social and Emotional Development of Pre-school Children

Since January 2013, Center for Public Policy implements project funded by International Visegrad Fund. The project aims at transferring the know-how of innovative methodology supporting social and emotional development of children in early educational institutions of V4.

Project Partners:

Spoleczna Akademia Nauk (Academy of Management), Poland, Web

Roma Education Foundation, Web

Nadácia Škola dokorán n.o. (Wide Open School Foundation), Slovakia, Web

The first workshop took place on the 3rd of June, 2013 in Lodz, Poland.

The Second workshop took place on the 25th of September in Slovakia.

The forth workshop took place on the 16th of October in Prague, Czech Republic and the last one took place on the 25th of November in Budapest, Hungary.






In August 2012, Center for Public Policy has joined the Grundtvig Partnership Project funded by the Lifelong Learning Programme of European Commission. The project aims at providing support for migrant parents and their children. The project partners: Colegiul Tehnic Metalurgic, Romania, Oswiatowies-Lodz sp.z.o.o., Poland,  Litausche Volksgemeinschaft in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, Germany, Menedzmenta Holding, Latvia and Mersing Il Mili Eigitim Mudurlugu, Turkey.

Project Internet Page: http://mholdingprojects.wix.com/migrant-parents





The implementation of project “Introduction of social intervention programmes to nursery schools”, in Vysočina and Olomouc regions was succesfully completed. Both projects were financed from the European Social Fund within the framework of Operational Program Education for Competitiveness.

The main goal of the project was to support the social and emotional development of pre-school children at risk, as well as their social  integration. The project  aimed at preparation of innovative methodology including guidelines for the implementation of various activities for pre-school children. These activities  also involved parents in the pre-school education process.





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